Need an affordable website?

Based near Rochdale, Manchester, I create attractive and affordable websites for small businesses, self-employed individuals, artists and community groups.

Website design using the powerful and flexible ‘WordPress’ framework, there is no end to the possibilities and features available.

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Websites without the stress

I offer a friendly, responsive and creative engagement with you and your project and will speak in plain English. I value clarity, commitment and customer satisfaction.

A collaborative process

A website is a personal thing and needs to express your values and concerns and appeal to who you want to communicate with. It is an opportunity for you to clarify and develop your message/brand and I will help you with this.

Alternatively, you may just want me to just ‘get on with it’ with minimal interaction – this is also fine with me!

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The power of WordPress

Wordpress is the power behind one in every 6 websites – it’s versatile, affordable with a large community of creatives continually developing it’s possibilities.
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Update your own site

Wordpress enables the site-owner to manage the content themselves, adding posts, photos, changing text etc. I will set you up for this or, if you like, can update your site for you.

Fully Responsive

As more people use their tablets and phones to look at the internet, it is vital that your website looks great no matter what screen size is being used. I insist on this!

Need hosting?

If required, I can offer competitive hosting on a UK-based servers with a highly-regarded company. No over-worked U.S. servers for you! I want your site to load quickly.
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Responsive Website Design

These days an ever-increasing number of people use their smart phones or tablets to view websites, so your website needs to play nice with these devices. I am very keen on this and consider it essential. Luckily it shouldn’t compromise an elegant, attractive design.

  • Desktop 100% 100%
  • Tablet 100% 100%
  • Smart-phone 100% 100%

Some examples of my work

Consultancy firm

Screenshot Consultancy
It was important for this client to look very professional and clear, with effective use of images to break up the quantity of information they were offering.

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Music festival

Screenshot of music festival

Another (almost) one-page site but with a fair amount of content and bookable events. Top menu takes the user down the page.

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Large online store

Screenshot large online shop
Another site that has grown over the years. I have been working with this client for many years and moved it from a ‘show-room’ to somewhere that people can order items from, and made it responsive for any device viewing the site.

The client can update the site to a useful extent, adding stock and other information, changing prices etc.

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Professional musician

Screenshot of professional musician website
This young musician needed something to help him establish his career, exuding confidence and professionalism. He wisely employed a graphic designer for his logo as well as a good photographer.

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Busy organisation

Screenshot of Buddhist Centre site
This website has quite a lot of information in it, particularly events, some of which require payment/booking, so it was longer in its gestation than most!

There was also a good degree of collaboration not just with key people in the organisation but in the wider community.

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Total control over her website was essential for this client, so I set her up to be able to update her site and make various changes herself. The site needed to have a strong aesthetic given the nature of her work.

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Solo practitioner

Screenshot solo practitioner
It was important for this client to have a spacious, peaceful and clean look for his business. He wisely had professional photos taken of himself at work which really help convey what he’s like and what he does.

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Buddhist Centre

Screenshot Buddhist centre
Another fairly busy organisation with news, events and general information.

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Things to consider

Homer Simpson thinks!
  • Who do you want to reach? 90% 90%
  • Is my information clear? 95% 95%
  • Would you linger on this site? 90% 90%
  • do you use the internet much yourself? if not, it may be helpful to involve the help of a friend to advise you
  • do you know (more or less) what you want? if not, have a browse on the web at competitors or other comparable websites
  • what do you like or not like about particular websites?
  • are you more interested in the look of a site or the ease of finding your way around?
  • do you use social media like Facebook or Twitter? do you want your site to incorporate these?
  • do you have a selection of photographs that do justice to you and your work?
  • do you have testimonials or reviews that can foster confidence in potential clients?
  • do you already have a 'brand' or style that needs incorporating?
  • would some video be helpful, whether it's you talking to camera or seeing you in action...?
  • any other considerations for your website?
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Do you blog?

Google likes fresh content on websites, so to keep your site competitive in search engines it can be helpful to regularly add a new post - it doesn't have to be work of genius!

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Do you use social media?

Facebook and Twitter are massive these days so a web presence on these sites is worthwhile. Connecting your site to Facebook pages, or Twitter accounts help boost your profile.

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Need video?

It is not essential to have video on your site but people are lazy when it comes to reading a lot of text so it is worth considering whether a short introductory video would help.

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Got good images?

Really good images are so important on a webpage but not necessarily easy to capture. Some clients decide to employ a professional to present themselves at best.


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Pricing your website

I do my best to be affordable whilst recognising there is a fair amount of work and expertise that goes into website creation. At the outset we will discuss your requirements and I will get back to you in writing with a detailed quote.

What do you need?

Is it basically a business card on the web, or is there more you want to say or more that you want it to do? As a guide, I can provide you with a fully-functioning website for £495 (no VAT). 50% of this is required as deposit at the start of our journey together.

Do you already own a domain name?

Your unique domain name may be something you already own - if not, you could try seeing what is available here : the most common are .com,, .org and .net but it's up to you. I recommend you buying your domain name yourself so you have complete control over it's future.

Do you need hosting for your website?

I can offer fast-loading web-hosting (on UK-based servers) for £80/year (£60/year for non-profits) and that includes regular security updates on the site.

Updating the content

This can be done by me for a reasonable cost or by yourself if you feel confident: I can set you up so that you can't trash the site by mistake! Keeping the content changing helps your google ranking.

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Everyone appreciates value for money and that is what you will get from me. A good website is an essential investment these days - if you not on the web, you are nowhere!

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I try to make websites as accessible as possible so that those, for example, with limited eyesight can still use them. If not,  you have a public building with no wheelchair access!


Many people browse the internet on mobile devices so I will only create websites that work well on such devices. This should not compromise the elegance of the design.

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Clear Communication

Security is something I take very seriously and will make sure your site has sufficient protection from malware, spammers etc. Wordpress has many security features.

Get in touch

Get In Touch

Contact Information

I am very responsive to email but feel free to ring or text and I will get back to you asap. Thanks

Working with Ajay was very straight-forward and I was pleased with the end product. He showed me how to add events so I am glad to not need to mither or pay for such updates.

Duncan Glenday, concert pianist

I can recommend him wholeheartedly to set up a site, administer it and improve any website he works on. Very lucky to have him helping me with my business.

David Miller, business owner

Needing a combination of info, visual and sonic media on my website to showcase my work, I was very pleased with the creative solutions AJ suggested. Recommended.

Ailis Ni Riain, writer and composer

Thank you for your patience, resourcefulness and humour.

Liz, centre manager

For my web site I wanted style with simplicity. Ajay has come up with exactly the right balance and I am delighted with the final results. Very affordable too.

Bryan Stephens, Alexander teacher